Viva3D autostereo output for glasses-free 3D monitors

Viva3D's driver can support nearly any autostereo format simply by entering the interweave or 2D+Depth parameters, if known.  Currently we have clients using Dimenco, Alioscopy, Magnetic3D, Tridelity and RealCel glasses-free monitors with perfect results.

See video of Viva3D driving a RealCel 8-view autostereoscopic screen in ral-time on a sub $100 tablet - video.

Below is a working 1920 x 1200 autostereoscopic image suitable for standard 8-view L-R lenticular slant 3D glasses-free screens, such as Alioscopy.  Save this image to your computer, and then display in full-screen mode using Microsoft Paint.  If your 3D monitor is compatible, you will see the image in crystal clear 3D!  Please contact us to test your format!

ViewPoint-3D produced autostereoscopic content 8-view L-R slant

ViewPoint 3D autostereoscopic screen shot