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September 9, 2022 Viva3D® Zcene Creator & Visualizer 1.019 released

Support for Vivatar™ real-time pose tracking and gesture recognition added using VivaAI™.


September 7, 2022 ZCENE® and dreamZcene® trademarks now registered with the US and UK Patent Offices

We are pleased to announce that our two trademarks are now registered in the UK and USA patent offices.   These marks form a core part of our branding and conceptual image as we develop our new 3D and AI technologies.   Viva3D is also registered in the EU and US patent offices.


October 18, 2021  Viva3D® Zcene® Metaverse Engine & Creator & 1.018 released

After months of work the team have tested and refined the engine and applications' code bases, and added some nice touches, such as a Hollywood style and highly configurable lens flare effect, with a fast real-time occlusion system, and a laser beam for presentations and games development! The team is now working on some very advanced AI-driven Avatar and drone vision features! More to follow!


June 21, 2021  Viva3D® Zcene Creator & Visualizer 1.012 released

Following extensive testing during the creation of complex content, this version is the most complete and sophisticated ever released, and our first step towards a truly intelligent voice controlled application.  Deep learning based speech recognition has made off-line voice control reliable enough for everyday use, and fast real-time object recognition and pose tracking opens up a wide range of new and exciting applications.  More to come soon!


February 3, 2020  Viva3D® Visualizer 1.007 3D Smartphone compatible

3D smarphones with parallax barrier or lenticular displays use a simple video player to deliver content to users.  Using Viva3D, interactive and live-data 3D content can be delivered to users with higher quality and lower cost.

Viva3D allows smartphone users to enjoy a full 3D look-around effect using eye-tracking, and allows them to make and receive 3D video calls with augmented CG, both on their 3D screens and using light-weight VR-glasses or VR-phone headsets.


January 28, 2020  Viva3D® 1.0061 multi-person eye tracking

Using a modified HAAR cascade, the Viva3D engine now incorporates a fast real-time face tracking feature that permits 3D viewing on 2D displays, and provides a smooth wide-angle (X&Y) 3D look-around facility on parallax and autostereoscopic displays.  The feature works with multiple users by determing the centre point of the group.  The feature runs on low-cost computing devices with modern GPU, including mobile devices.


December 11, 2019  Viva3D® 1.006 massive real-time terrains

This first non-beta release is by far the best yet, real-time rendering smoothness even with large CAD models is now excellent, and massive complex terrains are created and rendered with up to 25 million polygons on low-mid range systems with AMD RX540 or GTX1050 level GPUs. Creating complex data-driven 3D scenes has never been easier or more fun!


Nov 6, 2019  Viva3D.tv Service ready to launch

Viva3D.tv is a spin-off offering a dedicated business TV service using a unified 3D-CG pipeline, an industry first offering fully dynamic 3D-CG TV to the business sector, including live data streams for business and airport flight information.

AV Magazine ran the story, click here to view.


September 11, 2019  Viva3D® 1.005 beta can now create complex animations

It has been a very very long road, so many hours of work, but we seem to have managed to integrate a really fast GPU-based animation system that works with models of up to 255 joints; though that can be expanded to several thousands when needed.  So this is a typical key-frame based system that works in a VR fashion, where you just grab your model, and start key-framing, it really easy to use.  You can animate the face, just by dragging the lips eyes etc to the position needed, but to make that easier, we're now looking at using Deep Learning to match facial expressions from videos or even a live web camera, lots of fun!

Full Unicode support for text annotating large models

2D and 3D text in Asian, Arabic and any other defined language is now integrated into Viva, with up to 704 text strings per model, which can be extended if needed.


March 18, 2019  Viva3D® 1.003 beta with realistic animated human models

It took quite a big team effort, but Viva now has incredible looking animation of complete human models running almost entirely in the GPU, leaving the CPU just 2% of the workload.

You can actually talk to the models and get responses back, with lip-syncing.  The animation system works with industry standard key frames and rigging, opening the door to movie creation with realistic-looking digitized human actors that can be directed by voice in the same maner as real human actors.  The ground work is now laid, next step is adding characters and scripts!  Updated datasheet.


December 30, 2018  Viva3D® 1.002 beta new features

After several months of hard work, we are pleased to announce the completion of a range of major and unique advances that change the way digital AV content is created and used.


Text to speech now provides automated voice response to user interaction during content creation and presentation, with different voices and languages. 3D proximity activated speech output, and click-activated speech, make creating informative content easy.  Double-click on part of a 3D model, enter the text, and when the user clicks on that area, a clear quality male or female voice presents the text.  Fly-throughs can also trigger text to speech through proximity.


The team has also implemented A.I. for speech recognition and response, allowing designers and users to ask questions of literally any kind, without connection to the Internet, from "How many objects are in this scene?", to "Can you show me a new sky, or landscape, water surface, reflective surface, model..., and "Show me the tower model!", or "Show me the red car", or "Go to the entrance area!". The implications of this technology are wide reaching.


Voice navigation of complex scenes is now fully implemented with amazingly smooth effects. Users can say "Look to the left, or right, up, down", and Viva smoothly looks as requested until 90 degrees or the user saying Stop!

Users can say "Zoom in, or Go in, or Travel forwards then "Stop" as required. It makes navigating complex scenes a real pleasure compared to using a mouse.

The speech recognition model developed in-house gives an expandable platform to literally produce an amazingly intelligent voice user interface (VUI).


Full support for joysticks makes navigating scenes and making fly-throughs a pleasure, with automated smoothing of all movements.  Unexpectedly, combing voice commands  with a joystick gives an amazing level of control, use the joy stick to move around, then at an entrance point, say "Go in" and the camera moves forward smoothly.  Then as the camera travels, say "Look left, and right!" and the camera pans smoothly as commanded, creating perfectly smooth presentations! 


Viva3D now fully supports all Unicode fonts in 2D and 3D including now Arabic and Hebrew right-to-left script , with ligand joining. Arabic joins Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other scripts.


Loading massive models or scenes in error is no longer an issue, as loading can be cancelled instantly. This also allows complex 3D presentations to be more instantly controlled by the user without needing to wait for the computer to complete the task.


 For installations needing robust 24x7 operation, automated recovery in 3D mode means that accidental monitor shut-down, disconnection or even entering sleep mode, is handled without manual or remote intervention.


Lastly fast ray-tracing simulation allows Viva to show off glossy car models in real-time on low cost devices from mobile phones, tablets and PCs under $100.

More information to follow.


September 17, 2018  Vulkan driver under testing offering increased parallel processing for heavy duty 3D content, and compatibility with a wider range of devices, this new driver opens up new markets for interactive dynamic 3D content.  With Vulkan, Viva3D can be run on Android, IOS, Linix and Windows, utilising the CPU and GPU to maximum capability.


April 20, 2018 New Ryzen APU-based ePC offering incredible performance in a small package, ideal for 4K screen control and presentations.   Click here to view the leaflet with techical specifications.


April 19, 2018 Viva3D 1.0a: This release carries 24x7 SAS certification for mission-critical embedded and desktop applications, guaranteeing reliable operation with heavy 3D content load during 72-hours non-stop.

In addition, this release includes over 60,000 Asian glyphs fully supporting Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages for full 3D real-time presentation. Text can be entered using standard Unicode keyboard layouts for these languages.



Feb 12, 2018 Viva3D beta released today! Version 1.0 offers VR-style content creation with many exciting new features for advanced real-time 3D, including support for models with an unlimited number of materials, and real-time controlled or automatic model explosion.  It is also fully compatible with the OpenCV 3.40 library for advanced image processing, from face recognition to tracking and interaction. Further details are available here.



May 1, 2017 ViewPoint3D's R&D team has successfully completed the design and build of a fully working 3D medical endoscope prototype using minature stereo camaras and the Viva3D application.  The device allows surgeons to perform keyhole surgery with the images projected from a 3D multiview monitor, enabling internal organs to be viewed without the need of 3D glasses, and with the added benefit of being able to look around the organ or area of interest without moving the proble. Further details on request.


 January 26, 2017: Dynamic data-driven 3D Digital Signage - a complete solution

Viva3D is available as a complete client-server digital signage solution with the highest levels of reliability and reporting.  Uniquely, Viva3D Digital Signage allows any element of a 3D presentation or "page" to be automatically updated by newly available data, reducing the cost of 3D to that of standard 2D systems.  More details on request.



June 1, 2016 Viva3D now offers full support for stereo image conversion in real-time. View live stereo camera images on standard and 3D glasses-free monitors.  You can also 3D subtitle stereo images and videos, including standard 3D glasses movies.

See the Stereo Vision manual for details.



May 24, 2016: Viva3D now includes high-quality soft-shadows, calibrated depth map functions for 3D vision, and mipmapped UHD video playback, along with instant conversion of 2D and 3D video, including Dimenco S3D format and live Stereo Camera feed to full 3D in real-time (zero latency) at up to 4K resolution,  including direct autostereoscopic output to glasses-free 3D monitors, with mixed Viva3D generated UHD 3D content.

Viva3D can playback 3D movies mixed with or within 3D CG scenes, all in full 3D, it can convert live stereo camera feed to 3D, and even convert 2D images to 3D, then drive 2D or 3D monitors in real-time with that content, instantly.  You can 3D subtitle existing 2D videos, and also standard 3D glasses videos & movies. It will convert 3D glasses videos directly to 3D glasses-free autostereoscopic formats, for Dimenco, Alioscopy, Magnetic 3D, Tridelity, RealCel or any other autostereoscopic screen format.

More details on request, or visit YouTube.


May 24, 2016: ViewPoint2D version 3.802 beta update has been released with updates for Windows 10 and tablet support.  This version is fully digital signage featured, with FTP and remote monitoring support, and totally free; you only pay for support when and if you need it.  Improvements to status reporting and run-time efficiency make this release ideal for those powerful 4K-capable super low-cost Windows 10 mini PCs.


May 18, 2015: Viva3D content creation and management software mentioned in Stereoscopy news