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A range of services are available on request, covering the following areas
sball   * Stereo Vision conversion in real-time with depth calculation & 3D CG subtitling

2D / 3D Digital signage, complex information display, and 3D Presentations.

3D interactive content creation with live-data, and complex image processing.

* HDMI live video stream (including stereo SBS) mixing with data-driven 3D CG.

* Modifications to extend Viva3D to meet specific customer requirements.

* Custom development projects, hardware and software, including:-

   Real-time 3D image processing hardware and software
   Specialised CG shader development
   Direct GPU-based multiview autostereoscopic drivers
   Stereo vision systems for real-time depth/disparity map generation
   Speech recognition driven systems, VUI, and animated model interaction
   Specialised display systems including complex 2D & 3D video overlay
   Data processing and display
   Remote control and monitoring - 3D mimic display of complex processes
   Specialized Device drivers
   Embedded electronics, processor and control boards