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Viva3D Visualizer FAQ
What is Viva3D Visualizer?
Viva3D is a fast real-time data-driven 3D content creation, image processing and remote management application all-in-one that allows you to create 3D presentations, movies, information TV channels (digital signage), videos, and web banners for display on standard 2D screens as well as the new 3D screens from companies such as Dimenco Displays, Alioscopy, Magnetic3D, Tridelity and RealCel.  Viva3D can be used without programming to create content as quickly as a typical office presentation program, allowing presentations to be created in minutes that look like studio-quality 3D TV, with all the glossy effects.

Viva3D will also instantly convert 3D movies and stereo camera feed to 3D and encode that into autostereoscopic and other formats instantly for glasses-free 3D viewing.  It also allows that content to be subtitled, or rather mixed with live 3D content generated by Viva3D in real-time.

Viva3D is also perfect for large-scale digital signage, including for interactive, video wall and data display, such as at airports and rail stations.

Viva3D allows you to rapidly create complex 3D & 2D content, with a WYSIWYG environment, where 3D and 2D objects can automatically update from data feeds, RSS, custom data, etc., enabling 3D digital signage channels to be created that can be remotely or even self-updating, dramatically reducing costs.

No more glasses-free post processing!

As well as being fully compatible with standard 2D displays, computers running Viva3D can be connected directly to standard and 3D TVs, monitors, projectors, and even to the new Dimenco and Alioscopy 3D glasses free monitors, as Viva3D can instantly encode 3D formats for interlaced 2D+Depth and Multi-view Autosereoscopic displays.

What is the mission for Viva3D Visualizer?

Version 1.0 of Viva3D Visualizer was launched on Feb 12, 2018, and we plan to continually extend it to offer every increasing features.
Were continually working with users to improve features, add wizards to simplify content and animation creation, all with the aim of making Viva3D the best software in its field.

Who uses Viva3D Visualizer?
Users range from anyone wanting to make a visually stunning presentation in 3D, for display on standard 2D screens, video walls and projectors, or even the new 3D glasses-free TVs, to digital sigange providers who want to create TV channels for clients, to web designers wanting to add 3D content to their sites, or to airports who want to show passenger and staff information, to educational and industrial or scientific users who need to show their data in real-time 3D, to hospitals, factories and colleges... anyone in fact who wants to show information in a fully three dimensional way to communicate more effectively!

What do I need to set-up a digital sigange channel?
All you need is the Viva3D Visualizer and an adequately equiped computer that has a modern Graphics Processor.  Viva3D is
much more than just a presentation software, it also manages the computer, ensuring the computer never hangs-up or crashes, reporting
status and errors via email or SMS messages, downloading new content from FTP sites, RSS feeds, etc.

How reliable is Viva3D Visualizer software?
Viva3D Visualizer is being developed by a team of engineers with a long background in mission critical industrial, naval and aeronautic projects, as such, Viva3D software has been thoroughly tested, and includes numerous features to detect and report problems in operating system and driver software, which is usually the only reason that a problem can occur. For best reliablity and 3D graphics quality, the ePC range of 3D computers is available offering a fully tested 24x7 solidstate solution, with a full 5-year guarantee.

What support can I expect?
Purchasers of Viva3D are guaranteed full support and service updates, or a full refund.  An experienced team is available to support technical and creative issues, and to add the features you might require in the future.