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Deploy fully-interactive 3D content for 2D & 3D display

3D Autostereoscopic output in just 1 click!- click here to view videos

ViewPoint 3D 4K Autostereo instant conversion

Viva3D Pro offers a breakthrough-method to economically create complex 3D content up to 4K for applications ranging from advertising to interactive kiosks and education.  Viva3D offers unique remote data-linked full-3D scene content, easy animation tools, and with a click of a button able to drive large video walls and the very latest 3D glasses-free displays.

You no longer need costly 3D software, or costly and complex post-processing, just one application does it all, with a direct support hotline to ensure a short learning-curve.

Break the mould, and join the revolution today, and increase your productivity by over 80%, before your competitors do!

What´s more, we can work with you to make our software´s features match your exact requirements.

Instantly mix full 3D animated content with high-definition video and live-camera feed to create advertising or 3D  interactive presentations at a fraction of current cost.

Video playback is instantly reproduced at high frame-rate in any 3D scene you create using VivaD: full-screen, in a window, mapped onto any 3D object, and fully animated.  You can also incorporate live HD camera feeds to immerse yourself in virtual scene.

The above image shows Viva3D playing a 4K video directly onto a surface within a 3D animated scene including highly detailed boat models, and on the right-side, the autostereoscopic output produced in real-time for a 9-view 3D display monitor (click the image to visit our YouTube page).

Easy to use and runs on low cost PC hardware - or your money back!

Why not try a tool that lets you create animated content in a true 3D editor, with a 24x7 player that auto-updates with fresh data from your server or RSS feeds instantly?  Escape from the labours of scripting and coding, and use a tool that allows instant content creation and comes with a wide range of ready-to-go animation that you can customise in seconds.  Or create unique new content in minutes!

Rapidly create Interactive 3D animated content for 2D and 3D screens!

Viva3D is a real-time animated content editor and player, providing easy-to-use 3D buttons and live in-scene data to keep your animated 3D content fresh 24x7.

Present yourself and colleagues in a glossy virtual TV studio with augmented reality!

Simply select one of many glossy 3D TV studios, connect your HD web cam, and insert yourself or colleagues into an impressive presentation scene just like top TV Networks, with full video playback effects.  Direct your own news or weather channel in minutes of starting Viva3D!

We provide a complete digital signage solution for 24x7 operation that connects into your existing system, works with any server, or standalone.

Use it with all your existing videos and images to rapidly produce Full-HD and Full-QHD 3D animated content at a fraction of the time and cost.

You can use the Viva3D digital signage player to playback content with 24x7 embedded reliability, or create videos directly from Viva3D Pro Designer.

Save up to 80% on production costs with a faster & more flexible method to create TV quality
content with glossy effects for 2D & 3D screens.  Directly drives glasses-free 3D TVs & projectors.

Viva3D Pro available from just *US$ 44- / GBP 29- / Euro 36-
Includes technical support and updates for the next 12 months. *Specifications on request.

ViewPoint 3D animated scene with lighting effectsViewPoint 3D animated scene with live-data 3D text linked to RSS feeds

ViewPoint 3D FIDS for airportsViewPoint 3D advanced 3D live effects, including reflective and ocean surfaces

ViewPoint 3D photo-realistic detailed modelsViewPoint 3D live encoding in 3D plus Depth for glasses-free 3D

ViewPoint 3D live data weather fly-throughViewPoint 3D camera spin around

Click on the above images to view full sized screenshots. Click here to view videos.

3D Animated Digital Signage player software licenses available at very low cost

Viva3D Pro fully supports all standard content, video, HTML, images including PowerPoint

  • With step-by-step examples, stunning 3D presentations can now be created in minutes

  • Animated 3D presentations update in real-time from live data feeds, RSS and more

  • Create interactive 3D content with an enormous range of life-realistic content

  • Viva3D player completely controls the PC player, with full reporting via email and SMS

  • Efficient software allows real-time 3D to run smoothly on low-cost PCs and even smart phones

  • Compatible with all 2D and 3D screens and projectors

  • Real-time video processing of 3D for No Glasses 3D TVs

  • High quality 3D rendering with advanced lighting for realistic images

  • Support guarantee - help available when you need it

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